Magnetic Shielding

Materials Bar magnet Paper clip (stainless steel) Plastic clipboard Steel bookend Procedure Before the demonstration, make sure that the paper clip is not already magnetised by touching it with the steel bookend. If it gets attracted to the bookend, get a new paper clip. For the demonstration, first show that the paper clip can be

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Which balloon will burst first?

I posed this question to the year 4 IP students as an introduction to the topic of heat capacity. For a more detailed look at how to conduct this demonstrations, visit

Homopolar Motor 2

This video demonstrates how a simple homopolar motor is made using a screw and a small neodymium magnet. The simplest possible motor one can make, it can be used to teach concepts at various levels. For lower secondary students, they can learn about conversion of energy forms while upper secondary students can learn about magnetic

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