PV Diagram for an Ideal Gas

 GeoGebra link: https://www.geogebra.org/m/xyqhfvyw Applying the 1st Law of Thermodynamics to 4 simple changes on an ideal gas, students can check their understanding using this Geogebra app. When is work done positive? Which processes bring about an increase in internal energy or temperature? Which processes require heat input?

Stirling Engine

I bought a simple beta Stirling engine online at dx.com recently and it came in the mail today. It works well with a cup of hot water placed under it, although it might take a little push to get it started due to the initial static friction. However, once it starts spinning, the wheel goes on

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P-V diagram simulation

This is an easy-to-use interactive simulation for P-V diagrams, created in GeoGebraTube (not by me!). Students will get to test themselves and familiarise themselves with making quick calculations for simple processes.

Boyle's Law

Using a hand-operated vacuum pump, we can demonstrate the relationship between pressure and volume of a gas. According to Boyle's law, the pressure of a gas of constant mass and temperature will be inversely proportional to its volume. In our demonstration, we will reduce the ambient pressure within the sealed container, hence allowing the higher

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Egg out of Flask

In a previous demonstration, we put a boiled egg into a flask with a mouth narrower than the egg. The challenge is now to remove the egg from the flask without breaking it. Materials Flask Egg Water Bunsen burner or candle Procedure Pour some water into the conical flask. Invert the flask quickly over a

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