How to survive a lightning strike

This is an interesting question on electricity: in order to survive a lightning strike, which of the following costumes offer the best protection? A coat of armour, your birthday suit, a wetsuit or a superman costume? Watch this MinuteEarth video on Faraday's cage to find out!

Which balloon will burst first?

I posed this question to the year 4 IP students as an introduction to the topic of heat capacity. For a more detailed look at how to conduct this demonstrations, visit

Siphoning water

This video is taken during my IP4 class today. My students are making use of rubber tubes to demonstrate how we can use gravity to siphon water from one place to another. As long as the level of the source is higher than the level of the receiving end, we can do so.

Static Electricity

This question is meant for TA 2B and 2C Physics students. Other than the demonstrations we have tried out during class, could you think of any other way in which static electricity can be observed? Please leave your comments below. You may need to log in to Facebook while doing so.

Hooke's Law

Here are two applets students may like to try: A. The first is a simple "experiment" showing that the extension of a spring is proportional to the force applied: B. For the second applet, you can try: looking for the unknown masses. observing the potential energy at different extensions of each spring. varying the

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